BizziTek Ltd. is a Business and Technology consulting firm, specializing in the following technological disciplines:

·         Telecommunications: data, cellular, wireless, …

·         Information Technology: enterprise, special applications, architectures,  …

·         Electronics: analog, digital, microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP, sensors, …

·         Medical Devices and Digital Health

·         Embedded/Real-Time software and systems

·         Cyber-Security

·         Big Data, Machine Learning, BI, …

·         Internet-of-Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), …

·         Electrical, Mechanical, Materials, Chemical, Biotech, and more

The services we provide include:

·         Business Development

·         Market Research and Analysis

·         Patents / Intellectual Property

·         Technology Scouting

·         Strategic and Management Consulting

·         Assistance in raising funds

·         Business Plan writing

·         Design & implementation

·         Product Management

Recommendations and Testimonials

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Scott Pranger [from LinkedIn]

Scott Pranger [from LinkedIn]

Vice President, North America Sales & Business Development at Logtrust

"Bernard is the consummate strategic account and complex solution sales professional. Every day he brought his many years of engineering, sales, and management experience to the task of managing InfoGin’s Western Europe sales region. More importantly, he is a person of high integrity and has a very strong work ethic. He also speaks multiple European languages and is sensitive to the customs and cultures of the people in the countries he does business in. All of these characteristics combine to make him extremely successful and very good at what he does."

Simon Stolero

Simon Stolero

Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, formerly Sr. Vice President of Worldwide R&D, SanDisk

"For over 2 decades, Bernard has been a close partner of mine. You can ask Bernard advice on Technology, Business, Strategy, Intellectual Property. His knowledge and expertise spans over a multitude of technological domains:electronics, software, mechanical, biotech and chemistry just to name a few. His international experience and native mastery of many languages and local business cultures has helped me handle many delicate situations with great success. I wouldn't start any venture without Bernard on my side."

Ashley Aboodi [from LinkedIn]

Ashley Aboodi [from LinkedIn]

Manager of Client Strategy at NMI (Altria)

"Bernard is at the fore-front of future technologies. He employs a unique combination of logic, methodology, and abstract thinking in seeking new opportunities for our product offerings. Besides being an absolute pleasure to work with, he is also a strong collaborator, utilizing his innate curiosity to seek out new opportunities by socializing with various areas of the business to gather deep insights. His expert guitar skills (NEARLY) outshine his product innovation acumen."

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